Avoid infinite loop calls

Avoid infinite loops

Deploying a complex Solidity contract on Vision may time out, causing the user to consume all the entropy of the account, up to the fee limit. The maximum amount of CPU time allowed for each exchange is 50 ms (here, the network parameters can be adjusted by days), resulting in up to 50,000 entropy consumed before timeout (1 entropy = 1 microsecond). Note that this number is actually 0~250,000 entropy. Since *maxTimeRatio = 5.0 is set on the FV node, the upper limit of the timeout for different machine configurations is relaxed. OUT_OF_ENTROPY failure may result in entropy consumption higher than 250,000 due to penalties.

To avoid overtime execution, try to divide large contracts into smaller pieces and refer to each other as needed. To avoid infinite loops, please pay attention to common pitfalls and recursive calls.