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Vision is cooperating with SFT Labs, the ERC3525 R&D team, in an in-depth and multi-faceted manner
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This is a standard for semi-fungible tokens. The set of smart contract interfaces described in this document defines an VIP-721 compatible token standard. This standard introduces an <ID, SLOT, VALUE> triple scalar model that represents the semi-fungible structure of a token. It also introduces new transfer models as well as approval models that reflect the semi-fungible nature of the tokens.

Token contains an VIP-721 equivalent ID property to identify itself as a universally unique entity, so that the tokens can be transferred between addresses and approved to be operated in VIP-721 compatible way.

Token also contains a value property, representing the quantitative nature of the token. The meaning of the ‘value’ property is quite like that of the ‘balance’ property of an VIP-20 token. Each token has a ‘slot’ attribute, ensuring that the value of two tokens with the same slot be treated as fungible, adding fungibility to the value property of the tokens.

This VIP introduces new token transfer models for semi-fungibility, including value transfer between two tokens of the same slot and value transfer from a token to an address.