Features between Ethereum

Vision virtual machine (VVM) is based on Ethereum solidity language, it also has Vision's own features.

VVM uses the concept of entropy instead of gas.

  • No concept of gasprice. VVM has a stable entropy price or floating rate from freezing VS.
  • There is no concept of block.difficulty. It is a constant 0.
  • There is no concept of block.gaslimit. It is always 0.
  • The selfbalance, chianid opcode is not supported.
  • Most instructions consume almost the same amount of EVM, memory operation instructions consume less than EVM.
  • COINBASE opcode returns a 21-byte address
  • The contract address created by the CREATE2 instruction is calculated with a prefix of 0x41, not 0xff for EVM.
  • The CREATE instruction creates a contract address calculated as keccak256(transaction root hash + nonce), where nonce is the index of the current internal transaction, starting from 0.
  • Adding VRC10 token function and related opcodes
  • Adding opcodes for bulk signature verification and multisig validation
  • Adding shielded VRC20 contracts and several librustzcash instructions
  • Internal Transaction has No data information.
  • An extra error type TransactionException is introduced, it interrupts VM execution without consuming all entropy.