Vision Network is adapted to some interfaces of metamask, trigger contracts can be released through remix. Vision Network transfers and contract currency transfers can be performed through metamask.

Unit convert

Eth_gasPrice is set to 160GWei=160_000_000_000Wei, which is 0x2540be4000.
Eth_estimateGas is set to 21000, which is 0x5208.

Address convert

Vision Network use same crypto function to generate address, and encrypt/decrypt data. What to do is only change '0x' of your eth address head 2 byte to '46' **. Then you can use all function of eth wallet surfing on VisionNetwork

It means you can import your origin mnemonic or private key on metamask to surfing on Vision Network!


// ethereum public address
// equals Vision Network address

In vtime (Vision Network plugin wallet), address is show on Base58, you can change it to hex through utils on Visionscan or Visionweb. Result will be same as metamask in hex (after change 46 to 0x).


Mainnet Links

Vpioneer Links

You can use you own fullnode as RPC server. Set the RPC URL to "fullnode ip:7080/ethereum/compatible"

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Sooner or later we will finish owner cross chain bridge, you can also use your assert from other chain and no need change plugin wallet!

Enjoy and earn your own rewards.