Exchange Integration

Currently popular exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, OKEX, Vtoken, and Matcha can use the following methods to access VIsion. Complete the docking of native VS, VRC20 tokens, NFT, etc. on the Vision public chain with the exchange deposit and withdrawal business.


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1. Deposit

From the Vision public chain deposit to the exchange, the most important link is to monitor Vision's incoming transactions.
The conventional solution is to bind a corresponding Vision account to each exchange account and monitor the receipt information of the Vision account. If it is found to be in the account, the corresponding assets of the account in the exchange will be accumulated. Vision can use any of the following methods to monitor incoming transactions. It is recommended to use 1.2Event Plugin, which is faster and more convenient.

1.1 Scan block information

Violent scanning of Vision blocks and block transactions. If you find that the transaction contains your own address, go to the next step.

1.2Event Plugin (recommended)

Deploy the FullNode node and deploy the Event Plugin at the same time, and configure the contract, address, etc. that need to be monitored. When the relevant transaction contains the configured address, the information will be automatically sent to the corresponding configured Mongo/Kafka. Exchange developers can pull data from Mongo/Kafka to be counted in the next step.

For Fullnode node deployment, see

For Event Plugin deployment, see

2. Withdrawal

From the withdrawal of coins from the exchange to the Vision public chain, the most important link is the Vision transfer. For most exchanges developed and connected to JSON RPC, VIsion's JSON RPC can be used seamlessly, but the support for some niche interfaces may not be perfect. It is recommended to use the http/Protobuf GPC interface that comes with the bottom layer of Vision for transfer operations.

2.1 Ethereum Compatibility Method

At present, Vision has implemented Json RPC related interfaces through exquisite design. The access party can implement native VS, ERC20, and NFT operations through web3j and other Ethereum peripheral SDKs. Currently, the Json RPC interface supports basic user VS query, VS transfer, smart contract deployment, and smart contract invocation (including ERC20 query and ERC20 transfer). If you have special JSON RPC requirements, you can contact the core developer team in the TG group.

For details, see

2.2Vision native SDK (recommended)

Currently, Java (vision-java-sdk), Python (vision-python-sdk), and H5 (Visionweb) language SDKs are provided to interact with Vision through http or protobuf grpc. If developers have special language requirements, they can find community projects or use http or protobuf grpc to connect to the bottom layer of Vision.