Native VS

The native token of Vision is VS. A brand new currency stores value of Vision permanently, securely, and transparently.
Every VS holder also holds a stake in the Vision network. VS stored in a wallet can be pledged and voted to a stake pool to earn specialized-minting rewards to participate in the successful running of the network or just simplely pledged as liquid asset in your wallet to receive spread-minting rewards. In time, VS will also be usable for a variety of applications and services on the Vision Ecosystem.

VS and WVS

WVS (Wrapped VS) is a VRC-20 smart contract token. The official WVS contract address . Because the smart contract transactions of decentralized exchanges such as Vanswap require VRC-20 tokens, WVS VRC-20 tokens are generated. When users use VS Swap USDT, they will first exchange WVS in equal amounts, and then use WVS to exchange USDT.
WVS is equivalent in value to VS, but cannot be used as Vision transaction gas, which is often used in smart contracts. Please pay attention to the distinction