What is VictorLink

VictorLink is a decentralized oracle project running on the Vision Network.

What is an oracle

For a long time, smart contracts running on the blockchain could not communicate directly with external systems, and this bottleneck limited the application scenarios of smart contracts.

Today, we can solve this problem by introducing oracles, which provide smart contracts with connectivity to the outside world. However, most of the current oracle machines are centralized services, which will bring the risk of a single point of failure to the smart contracts that use the oracle machine service, making the decentralized nature of smart contracts meaningless.

As a result, VictorLink developed a decentralized oracle project to provide external data to smart contracts. Without losing security and certainty, smart contracts are linked to various events that occur in the real world.

At present, various DeFi applications are constantly emerging, and high-quality DeFi often relies on stable and accurate decentralized oracle services. VictorLink was born in response to the needs of smart contracts on Vision for external world data.