VRC-721 Token Issuance

1 Create a Vision Account

Install the Chrome extension of Vtimes to get ready for your issuance. You may create a new account in three ways:

  • create a new account

  • restoring from a mnemonic phrase, private key or Keystore

  • connect to a hardware wallet

350 VS is required in your account as the minimum.

2 VRC-721 Code Modification

You may modify the file of VRC721Token.sol to customise the name and symbol of the token. Remember to save your changes.

VRC-721 contract template: template


3 Deploy a VRC-721 Smart Contract

Deploy with vscan: Contract Compiler

3.1 Connect to the Wallet

3.2 Upload Contract Codes

3.3 Compile the Contract

3.4 Deploy the Contract

4 Minting an NFT Token

Log in to Visionscan with your wallet, and use the contract address to open the deployed VRC-721 contract. Here, take the VZ4NjvdqyCbWmZxXEEAb3bXhfT8f6YGxJd contract on the Nile test net as an example:

  • Choose 'Contract', 'Write Contract'
  • Find the mintWithTokenURI method, fill in the to_address, tokenId, and the tokenURI corresponding to coral.json
  • Click 'send', then accept the signature. A 'true' will be displayed if the token was mint successfully

5 Record VRC-721 Token

Record with vscan: Record tool

  • Select token type

Select the VRC721 token and click Yes.
Enter VRC721 token information
Enter the basic information, contract address and social media information of the token. Fields with "*" are required information.
Please note that record must be logged in with the deployer address.

Confirm all information required for the VRC721 token, click Submit.
You will see a popup from Vtimes asking for your signature. Click Accept to sign the message.

  • Token successfully recorded

6 Mobile Wallet adds VRC-721 tokens and transfer VRC-721

  • Click the Add Assets button

  • Click the search button

  • Input VRC-721 contract address and click add button

  • Click VRC-721 token, for example Wendy

  • Click Wendy 721 in List collectibles

  • Click send for transfer VRC-721

  • Input address for receiving and enter your password for wallet

  • Transfer successfully