GoEngine engine is fully compatible with Cocos-Creator 3.5.0

Get the GoEngine engine

Download address:
After the download is successful, store any local directory


Download and install Cocos Creator 3.5.0


Modify the TypeScript engine path

Set the TypeScript engine path that needs to be customized through the Engine Manager tab of Cocos Creator -> Preferences. It should be noted that the editor needs to be restarted after modifying the engine path.


Restart Cocos Creator for automatic compilation

Using VisionWeb in Scripts

// import VisionWeb and IVisionWeb
// IVisionWeb is the interface definition in the engine VisionWeb
import { _decorator, Component, Node, VisionWeb, IVisionWeb, math } from 'cc';

// instantiate visionweb
const visionWeb: IVisionWeb = new VisionWeb('', '', '');

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