To be Validated Candidate

  • Open visionscan(Vision Network browser):
  • logging in, then click on the node to pledge.

  • Click the "Apply to be the first verifier" button.

  • Write down your personal address and check the website address website information.

Note: When users apply to become FV candidates, they need to pay 2000 VS.

Visionscan allows first verifiers to publish their information among voters!

The first template can build a dynamic page, which will be displayed on the visual scan. The link will be placed on the FC name instant browsing overview page.

First validators can manage their content by editing files in the Github repository.

In this simulation, you already have an account with FC (candidate) status.

  1. Copy the branch in the template on Github

After the repository branches, you will navigate to your own "vision-sr-template" version of the repository, where you can make changes.

  1. Fill in the template

The template can now be modified by editing the file on Github.

  • Click the file you want to edit

  • Use edit mode

  • Add information to the file

The file is written in markdown format. Available at

  • Update logo.png and banner.png

    Then click "Choose File" and make sure the name of the logo or banner to be uploaded is logo.png or banner.jpg to overwrite the placeholder image.

After filling out the template, you can publish it on

  1. Publish to Visionscan
  • Visit
  • Log in to your account. The private key is used in this example, but you can use any login method.
  • Open the account and make sure the "Verifier" label is visible
  • Slide to the bottom and click "Set Github Link"
  • Enter your Github username and press "Link Github"
  • Check out your new page!


This example shows where the file is. Whenever the file on Github is modified, the page will be updated immediately